Contract Negotiation by Effective Agreements in Dallas

Strengthen your ability to negotiate a better agreement with a properly prepared negotiating plan from Effective Agreements located in Dallas, Texas.

Effective Agreements is well-versed in the special concerns of high-tech companies, but all small- to medium-sized businesses can benefit from our negotiation planning. We manage the negotiating process and keep the time used to a minimum. Our plan includes what will be given up, when the point may be yielded and what will be demanded in return.

Focused Contract Negotiation Aids Your Management Team

Our contract negotiation services allow your management team to focus on the strategic issues of the contract. As management is not bogged down in the details of the negotiation, they are less likely to neglect the core business.

We keep the management team informed of all of the negotiating issues, making your decision process easier. One of our key services is making concise but informative presentations to management that make the points of contention crystal clear.

Effective Agreements provides a trained negotiator with years of experience to work out the details. At the same time, management gains “plausible deniability”. They can consider major points carefully and methodically, then pronounce the final judgement that commits the company.


Effective Agreements is not a law firm and we do not employ attorneys, provide legal advice, or practice law. We deal efficiently with commercial terms and conditions on a day-to-day basis. Any materials drafted or reviewed by Effective Agreements should be reviewed by counsel licensed in the appropriate state.