Customer Testimonials

Image Vision

“Effective Agreements guided Image Vision in a major transaction with a large multi-national company. The document received from the larger party appeared to have been created by cutting and pasting from various other documents, with little attempt to properly merge them. It was re-worked by Tom Phillips so that we had a usable document. Effective Agreements performed a careful review of the document surfacing a myriad of issues. Tom guided us in the consideration of the major concerns, developed a negotiating strategy and took an active role in the negotiations himself. The result was improvement in a number of provisions and an agreement much more favorable to Image Vision.”

– Steven White, CEO

Invodo, Inc.

“Effective Agreements allows me to get out of the day-to-day contract process and to focus on strategic issues and the core business. I am comfortable with the knowledge that Mr. Phillips will keep me informed of concerns that require management action, and that his concise summaries of the commercial terms and conditions will speed management decision-making.

Invodo incorporated Effective Agreements into our contract process: Mr. Phillips deals directly with the sales force on commercial issues. The team is pleased with the quality of the work and the fast turn-around times that allow the sales people to be unusually responsive to prospective customers.”

– Trey Swain, President

Sterling Business Advisors

“When revising a document to reflect a new fee structure, I needed a fast turnaround. Effective Agreements translated a complex accounting procedure into words, and got the document completed in a matter of hours. Now that I have experienced Effective Agreement’s services, I am thrilled to recommend them to others.”

– Don Zelezny, President

Electronic Transaction Consultants

“Mr. Phillips knew from the start that we would hire a full-time contract person in the near future. Regardless, he worked as hard and as long as if he was the full-time employee, clearing a back-log of complex subcontracts. In our unusual business, the subcontractors sometimes were huge Fortune 500 companies, hundreds of times our size. Tom was so experienced at negotiating big dollar contracts that we never got “pushed around.” Indeed, Tom usually did the pushing.

Mr. Phillips’ most useful talent was preparing clear concise summaries. One 400+ page agreement (we deal with state agencies) had terms and conditions in seven different locations. Tom prepared and delivered one presentation to management that made the risks of the entire agreement crystal clear.”