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Strict Data Protection Policies

Large companies are tightening up contractual data protection policies for vendors. I am seeing tough requirements in agreements that one might expect: Limits on the personnel that could access the data Prohibitions around the data’s storage on portable devices (including

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Rep Commissions Agreement

An interesting dilemma arose around some new sales rep commission agreements being prepared for a client. It involved long-term commission payments by the client to the reps for making introductions and perhaps helping with the initial sale. The discussion came

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Exclusive Agreements: A Discussion

Where exclusive agreements are warranted, care must be taken in how they are created. Exclusivity clauses can be expensive to either party if the relationship is not structured properly. There are several types of agreement where exclusivity comes up. These

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Agreement Templates

The creation of agreement templates is one of the more difficult tasks for any company. The problem is that many small- to medium-sized companies fail to recognize the inherent problems. The easiest way for a company to get a template

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10 Tips on Negotiating a Simple Sales Agreement

10 tips on negotiating a basic sales contract from the seller’s viewpoint are provided below. The information is written for the seller, but the buyer can easily extrapolate useful information. Some of this material is covered in more detail in

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Agreement Payment Terms

Are you concerned about when you get paid for your product or services? You should be, as the payment terms affect the profitability of the transaction. The longer the period between the sale and when you get paid, the more

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Effective Contract Negotiation: 12 Tips

There are organizations that teach nothing but negotiation skills. You are urged to take advantage of what they offer. This post should help you better negotiate in some cases, but it should also cause you to consider formal training in negotiation. Such

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Work Stoppage and Delay Fees

What are work stoppage and delay fees? Assume you are a service provider and you are taking videos of clients’ products for their websites. You have camera people, production staff, voice over talent and other staff all ready for the

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Contract Termination For Convenience

Termination for convenience is like having the other side pick up their football and go home. If you are the seller or service provider, a unilateral termination for convenience can bring a lucrative arrangement to a sudden halt. Assume you

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Exclusive Contracts – The Plus Side

Sometimes a buyer or seller can benefit from an exclusive contract. This is true for product and service agreements alike. The former are covered here. Here are some examples where exclusivity is of value to the seller: High Development or

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