Three Things Not to Do When Negotiating

Many companies enter into contract negotiations inadequately prepared. The article discusses three things to avoid in negotiations: Starting with a contract already prepared, not having a negotiating plan, and not haveng the right number and mix of people on the negotiating team.

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The Contract With a 500-Pound Gorilla

Whatever the size of your company, eventually you will be dealing with a contract with a 500-pound gorilla for the first time – a very large multinational, or just a company that is much larger than your previous clients/ customers. This is a good thing, as it means your business has grown. The problem comes when the gorilla insists that you sign its sales or service document rather than your own.

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6 Elements of Good SOWs

Much of the work I perform for high tech enterprises deals with Statements of Work or Scopes of Work (there may be other names out there as well – I will call them SOWs.) The SOW can be a major stumbling block in a project if it is not properly written. One reason it...

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