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Effective Agreements provides high quality business contracts and agreements for the business that’s looking to protect itself and make smart decisions.

Commercial Business Agreements

We’ve got you covered.

We can quickly and effectively produce rock solid agreements to give you confidence before you make business commitments.

Protect Yourself and Your Business.

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Hire the Experienced Professionals and Reduce Your Business Risk.

Our expert team  structures, drafts, reviews and negotiates contracts fast.

We present complex commercial issues to management in a concise and accurate manner, resulting in your ability to make better-informed decisions.

We are experienced  in intellectual property issues, including software licenses.

Local? National? International?

With other 25 years of experience for startups to Fortune 500 companies – we have delivered hundreds of agreements world-wide. 

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Effective Agreements is not a law firm and we do not employ attorneys, provide legal advice, or practice law. We deal efficiently with commercial terms and conditions on a day-to-day basis. Any materials drafted or reviewed by Effective Agreements should be reviewed by counsel licensed in the appropriate state.